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Lonesome Prairie Publications is a publishing company based out of southeast Colorado owned and operated by Kent Brooks and his family. The Plainsman Herald, the only newspaper in Baca county, is one of our primary projects. Our other focus is on writing and compiling the rich history of that area into unfiltered stories from the people that lived them. We do this through our books and blogs, which can be found below. Our writings about Southeast Colorado fall into three main categories, historically: Cowboys, Dirt, and Brooms. From the highly publicized Dirty Thirties to the little-known town of Boston Colorado, our hope is to bring a historically accurate understanding of the colorful characters who were instrumental during the early settling of Baca County. Among these, there are innumerable other connections to cattle companies, newspapermen, cowboys, and more chronicled in our literature waiting to be explored by history buffs of the Wild West.

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Who we are…

Kent Brooks

is the author of “Old Boston: As Wild As They Come,” has worked in higher education managing Information Technology and Distance Learning departments for colleges in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming for more than 20 years. Growing up in Springfield, Colorado, he listened to southeast Colorado stories about broomcorn, the dust bowl, and cowboys of the large cattle companies. He is a long-time blogger on various technology topics for his own blog KentBrooks.com as well as the local history blog Bacacountyhistory.com which covers topics about Baca County Colorado, the most southeast county in Colorado. He currently works for Casper College in Casper, Wyoming.

Colin Brooks

is one of Lonesome Prairie’s Editors, as well as Director of Media and Technology. He has co-authored a few books, including “Letters from the Holy Land: 1860-1869.” Born in Southwest Oklahoma and raised in Wyoming, he has spent a substantial amount of time in Baca County where his father, Kent, grew up and where many of his extended family still lives. Aside from his editorial work he spends his time at the University of Wyoming studying German language and Anthropology.

Lexi Brooks

 is an artist, designer, and editor who has recently returned to civilization from some years of environmental service throughout the American west. She is enjoying learning how to exist under a roof again, although she misses her chainsaws. With a degree in Fine Arts, Lexi has designed many of the book covers for the “Letters From” series, as well as co-authoring “Buzztail”. She calls Casper, Wyoming home, but is currently haunting the Museum in Springfield, Colorado doing research for Lonesome Prairie Publications. She spends most of her free time up to her elbows in art, DYI, and restoration projects.

“To those who didn’t go away, but still tarry in the land, I want to extend in addition my congratulations that the gaunt wolf slunk away when opportunity “came a knocking at your doors,” that you embraced the opportunity, and that the measure of prosperity has since been heaped up to you to the full and overflowing. 

Sam Konkel – Editor, Springfield Herald, 1913
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