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“Poor are the pictures I have painted for your readers of the strange life that ebbs and flows in her streets. The colors of the Orient are too bright to be caught by Saxon pen, dipped in ink. One must stroll along the Abana, and wander dreamily through the bazaar, or he can never know Damascus.”    

-Holy Land Letter, 1865

When I started compiling the letters series it was an offshoot of the research from my book “Old Boston: As Wild As They Come.” the story of the short lived wild west town Boston, Colorado

After listening to a historian’s flawed analysis of a historical event which my family lived through I thought I would like to know more about history directly from the the people who actually lived the history, rather than a historian’s interpretation of the history.  

Through various newspaper reports of the 1860s we will take a first person look at the middle east during the reign of the Turks or during the Ottoman Empire.  

In existence for 600 years, the Ottoman Empire, at its peak included what is now Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Macedonia, Romania, Syria, parts of Arabia and the north coast of Africa. 

Christians since the time of Christ have traveled to the middle east to explore the areas in which the stories of the Bible took place.  The observations of these visitors were often written down in letters and sent to various newspapers who published the letters for their readers.

Letters from the Holy Land 1860 -1869
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