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Letters from the Holy Land 1860 -1869


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When people traveled in the 1800s, they often sent letters describing their travels back to their hometown newspapers. Sometimes it was individuals and sometimes correspondents who would go places and send back news describing those places. Christians since the time of Christ have traveled to the middle east to explore the areas in which the stories of the Bible took place. The observations of these travelers were written in letters and sent to various newspapers that published the letters for their readers. For me, there has been no better way to learn history than to retrace the steps of those who traveled through the letters they wrote. Through various letters published in newspapers or reports of the 1860s we will take a first-person look at the middle east during the reign of the Turks or during the latter part of the Ottoman Empire. Through these letters written to the folks back home, we will look further at those traveling the Holy Land during the 1860s.


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